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Breathing the PR / Advertising Agency air...
I didn't want to waste time. As soon as I left school I went straight for the kill. I am officially on my first job outside the family business. (Trying to run the family business was more difficult than I thought. Well it wasn't that much of a task, I was one of the bosses, courtesy of my parents, Mr. CEO and Mrs. President. So all the dirty work went to the employees. What compensated for the lack of exhuasting activities though, as the boss, was the drama, which ususally consisted of heated decisions and arguements against family members. I wasn't cut out for that. So I decided to go it alone. I'd rather keep the peace than battle it out.)

So now here I am on my first real job in my field of specialization. I am a graphic artist in the creative department of the company. I have very nice bosses. But As much as I want all things to go as smoothly as possible I can't help but feel screwed at times. I've never conformed to any sort of ogranization were the structure included a boss. The closest I had were professors. But then I pay tuition and I can just opt not to abide by them when I feel like it. This time however is different. I have to prove myself and work my ass off if I want to be on top of my career and I am feeling it, not just assuming it. I guess it's time to do a little growing up and be a man for myself if I want to be the golden boy. But how could I? To begin with I am not insipired by my compensation.

I am challenging myself to live within my means. My sallary will be my standard. I wonder how that would go for me. My knack for fine cuisine cost so much alone. Then I have my postpaid bills, gym and credit card bill...I maxed out my credit card again...damn it...well my parents are there to pay for it. But I don't feel good about it. I need to train myself to budget. Especially now that am offcially working. Suddenly I just have this big bag of reposibilities on my shoulders.

I hate that I've been purchasing lots of clothes lately. I've slightly become an impulsive buyer. I don't know why? I guess I have to bid farewell to being a brand whore. They are just too pricey for todays average Filipino sallary rates.


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