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My Plastic Died On Me
Was purchasing tickets for that Hyped Up Bora trip in Aug. I was inputing my Citibank card details then pressed the Send button, then a few seconds later the computer screen reloaded...DECLINED!

After swiping my card all over Asia-Thailand, Singapore and Boracay and yesterday trying another attempt for Bora it finally declined. Now I got to pay up! Or shall I say my parents have to pay up. I don't want to use my own BDO credit card and go through the hassle of paying my own hard earned cash, I am still a child. Hahaha

I fucking maxed the card out. I should better learn how to budget wisely. Well for one I used the card mostly on food and only a little on luxury goods.

Maybe it's a sign not to go. Huhuhu. I should punish myself for over spending.

I am sure the plane tickets I selected will have been sold by the time I pay up. Those are the only viable schedules for me.


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