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March 20, 2009
Yesterday I had a quick buffet lunch with my sister. Our relative who she was sending to college finally graduated. Graduation rights were held in PICC. My sister is really kind hearted, she volunteered to shoulder the education expenses of some select relatives in need. Yesterday was the celebration. We treated 5 of our less fortunate relatives to fine cuisine.

Tonight I will be heading off to Edsa Shangri-La for a dinner buffet at Heat with my two siblings and cousins.. My cousin will be treating us to dinner as one of her daughters finally graduted from Prep and will proceed to Grade 1 next year!. Congrats!

So much buffet so little time to workout. I might turn into a pig. Darn it!

Last night I went to the gym and met up with a buddy. I invited my friend to run but my friend bailed out on me. So I ran at the bay for my cardio workout alone and just met up with my friend at the freeweights area. I did my shoulders. I should work out my abs next time.

I used to lift really heavy weights but noticed I wasn't getting chunkier or beefier. I guess my body will always just remain this way. So I've finally decided to just go back to the low weights, high rep program again I started out with four years ago to maintain my current muslces. At least I don't get stressed out as much but still get to feel the burn after the 20th count.

Office work is okay. am currently designing a stage for this deo launch. The clients didnt like the initial design. They want a more talk show and modern look. So here I am working my ass off to produce that effing stage.
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