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It's official, the Lopezes have finally relinquished their throne in Meralco after almost 50 years of control. They recently sold their shares in the power distribution company to the PLDT Group of Manuel V. Pangilinan for a meager P90 per share. The deal could have not have come at a better time as the Lopezes need to siphon off their $500M debt. The deal still left them with 2 lucrative power related companies, power generation that is (First Gen Corp and Energy Dev Corp). The agreement however caused factions amongst the Lopezes. Manolo Lopez, Merlaco,CEO and Gabby Lopez, ABS-CBN, CEO were against the decision of patriarch and First Phil Holdings Corp, CEO Oscar Lopez.

Meantime, the bigger issue will be the supposed power struggle between San Miguel Corp who also owns a big chunk of the Meralco Company and the new owner PLDT Group. This new events in the power distribution company still have yet to affect the electricity consumers. Let’s just hope that in spite of the supposed management crisis, prices of electricity would still be the same.

I miss being a business news junky, chronicling and being updated on business news and stories about tycoons. I guess it sprouts from my dreams. Ever since I was child I've always envisioned myself to be walking on a long granite hallway in an Ermenegildo Zegna power suit while my gorgeous Gisele Bundchen like secretary briefs me of my long corporate schedule consisting of investor/client meetings. It has always been one of my dreams, that aside from being a Wall Street stock exchange broker.

But then I followed my passion for the arts and now I am currently a Multimedia Artist trying to find my way in the creative boardroom instead of the corporate boardroom.

I guess I really am extremes. Who would have figured I'd be an artist in and Advertising Agency? I guess I really am a walking contradiction. I seem this but actually am that. I am that but actually I am this. That's why I never try to define myself. I just simply am because defining oneself will mean putting an end to your evolution as a person.


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