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To Bee or not to Bee: The JolliDo and McBee Wars.
The other day, I miss lunch time. It was a busy day. When I had time for a break I left immediately and went to the nearest fast food chain which was Mcbee. I bought take out and rushed to the office. Went to the pantry and ate. Upon sitting down for late lunch an officer and accounts manager approached me and reminded me that Mcbee foods aren't allowed in the office. So I had to transfer my burger to a plate and throw the wrap, transfer my soda to a mug and throw the cup, put my fries on a plate and throw away the package, far down bellow the trash bin so no evidence would ever be seen.

I totally forgot about the briefing. No competing food allowed inside the office. I forgot that Jollido was one of our biggest clients for PR work. Huhuhu. next time I should know better.


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