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CRASH of 2009
I’ve been hit. I have been hit by this force bigger than me that I cannot seem to avoid and get over. I have been hit and have not even noticed, until now.

What will I do with myself? You see me yet you refuse to acknowledge my feelings…all you see in me is a friend.
I have so much in my mind and want to shout it out yet when I try to start uttering nothing comes out. How deep or messed up can it be?

I try to figure what to do...

Ah! Only one thing comes in mind!

Flee. Flee away.

But fleeing away seems so hard to do...
when all I want to do...
is to be with you...

My 33rd Milo Marathon 10k Experience
I recently joined the 33rd Milo Marathon held at the Quirino Grandstand. I joined the 10k Race together with my brother Arthur and my good buddy Bryant. Too bad I could not recruit anymore of my buddies to join. No ones seems to enjoy running these days. My other brother bailed out as well as my buddy Chubz. This is the first official race I ever joined. It was a different experience. The event was jam-packed with almost 19,400 participants. It was an awesome experience.

I ranked 235 over the 1304 participants in the 10k division.

I clocked in at:
00:59:17 less than an hour.

My pace was 00:05:56/km

My next race will be on July 19 for the Globe-Ayala Land Marathon held at the Fort. Will join the 10k again to try to beat my Milo time. Hope to see you guys there.

After this I will try to train for the 21k. Wishful thinking. I guess it runs in the family. My father is a 4 time 42k finisher. My sister is 21k finisher. I got to keep up.

Hopefully I beat my time of 59 minutes and 17 seconds next week. Hope to see you guys at the race.

My Plastic Died On Me
Was purchasing tickets for that Hyped Up Bora trip in Aug. I was inputing my Citibank card details then pressed the Send button, then a few seconds later the computer screen reloaded...DECLINED!

After swiping my card all over Asia-Thailand, Singapore and Boracay and yesterday trying another attempt for Bora it finally declined. Now I got to pay up! Or shall I say my parents have to pay up. I don't want to use my own BDO credit card and go through the hassle of paying my own hard earned cash, I am still a child. Hahaha

I fucking maxed the card out. I should better learn how to budget wisely. Well for one I used the card mostly on food and only a little on luxury goods.

Maybe it's a sign not to go. Huhuhu. I should punish myself for over spending.

I am sure the plane tickets I selected will have been sold by the time I pay up. Those are the only viable schedules for me.

The Closest Thing To Crazy
The Closest Thing To Crazy - Katie Melua

"How can I think I'm standing strong,
Yet feel the air beneath my feet?
How can happiness feel so wrong?
How can misery feel so sweet?
How can you let me watch you sleep,
Then break my dreams the way you do?
How can I have got in so deep?
Why did I fall in love with you?"


Upon landing on my flight home I recieved a message from a Singapore mobile number, I read it, it said "I miss you." My heart skipped a beat. I was expecting it to be you. But was dissapointed to find out it was someone else.

Lakas ng tama ko sayo....

Kaslanan ko naman eh...hinayaan ko lang mahulog loob ko kahit alam kong hindi pwede...

Summer Activities...
Summer Has Arrived.....

If any of you guys will be in:

(April 9-16) Bangkok, Thailand!

(April 16-28) Singapore!

(April 29 - May 3) Boracay!

Don't forget to message me. I already have tickets....lets meet up and party!

March 20, 2009
Yesterday I had a quick buffet lunch with my sister. Our relative who she was sending to college finally graduated. Graduation rights were held in PICC. My sister is really kind hearted, she volunteered to shoulder the education expenses of some select relatives in need. Yesterday was the celebration. We treated 5 of our less fortunate relatives to fine cuisine.

Tonight I will be heading off to Edsa Shangri-La for a dinner buffet at Heat with my two siblings and cousins.. My cousin will be treating us to dinner as one of her daughters finally graduted from Prep and will proceed to Grade 1 next year!. Congrats!

So much buffet so little time to workout. I might turn into a pig. Darn it!

Last night I went to the gym and met up with a buddy. I invited my friend to run but my friend bailed out on me. So I ran at the bay for my cardio workout alone and just met up with my friend at the freeweights area. I did my shoulders. I should work out my abs next time.

I used to lift really heavy weights but noticed I wasn't getting chunkier or beefier. I guess my body will always just remain this way. So I've finally decided to just go back to the low weights, high rep program again I started out with four years ago to maintain my current muslces. At least I don't get stressed out as much but still get to feel the burn after the 20th count.

Office work is okay. am currently designing a stage for this deo launch. The clients didnt like the initial design. They want a more talk show and modern look. So here I am working my ass off to produce that effing stage.
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Business News Junky...
It's official, the Lopezes have finally relinquished their throne in Meralco after almost 50 years of control. They recently sold their shares in the power distribution company to the PLDT Group of Manuel V. Pangilinan for a meager P90 per share. The deal could have not have come at a better time as the Lopezes need to siphon off their $500M debt. The deal still left them with 2 lucrative power related companies, power generation that is (First Gen Corp and Energy Dev Corp). The agreement however caused factions amongst the Lopezes. Manolo Lopez, Merlaco,CEO and Gabby Lopez, ABS-CBN, CEO were against the decision of patriarch and First Phil Holdings Corp, CEO Oscar Lopez.

Meantime, the bigger issue will be the supposed power struggle between San Miguel Corp who also owns a big chunk of the Meralco Company and the new owner PLDT Group. This new events in the power distribution company still have yet to affect the electricity consumers. Let’s just hope that in spite of the supposed management crisis, prices of electricity would still be the same.

I miss being a business news junky, chronicling and being updated on business news and stories about tycoons. I guess it sprouts from my dreams. Ever since I was child I've always envisioned myself to be walking on a long granite hallway in an Ermenegildo Zegna power suit while my gorgeous Gisele Bundchen like secretary briefs me of my long corporate schedule consisting of investor/client meetings. It has always been one of my dreams, that aside from being a Wall Street stock exchange broker.

But then I followed my passion for the arts and now I am currently a Multimedia Artist trying to find my way in the creative boardroom instead of the corporate boardroom.

I guess I really am extremes. Who would have figured I'd be an artist in and Advertising Agency? I guess I really am a walking contradiction. I seem this but actually am that. I am that but actually I am this. That's why I never try to define myself. I just simply am because defining oneself will mean putting an end to your evolution as a person.

iPod Shuffle...very dissapointing
Just saw the latest iPod Shuffle. I am a big fan of the iPod shuffle. It is the most convenient music player for running, and working out. But I am disappointed with the new Shuffle. They made sure that you can only use it provided you use the unique headphones it comes with. That is right. You can only control the shuffle using unique headphones.It won't work without it.

I hate gadgets that have their own unique accessories. It makes it more difficult for consumers and more expensive.

It has a voice over feature though. So now you can keep track of the artist and songs and you can finally have your own playlist.


To Bee or not to Bee: The JolliDo and McBee Wars.
The other day, I miss lunch time. It was a busy day. When I had time for a break I left immediately and went to the nearest fast food chain which was Mcbee. I bought take out and rushed to the office. Went to the pantry and ate. Upon sitting down for late lunch an officer and accounts manager approached me and reminded me that Mcbee foods aren't allowed in the office. So I had to transfer my burger to a plate and throw the wrap, transfer my soda to a mug and throw the cup, put my fries on a plate and throw away the package, far down bellow the trash bin so no evidence would ever be seen.

I totally forgot about the briefing. No competing food allowed inside the office. I forgot that Jollido was one of our biggest clients for PR work. Huhuhu. next time I should know better.

Breathing the PR / Advertising Agency air...
I didn't want to waste time. As soon as I left school I went straight for the kill. I am officially on my first job outside the family business. (Trying to run the family business was more difficult than I thought. Well it wasn't that much of a task, I was one of the bosses, courtesy of my parents, Mr. CEO and Mrs. President. So all the dirty work went to the employees. What compensated for the lack of exhuasting activities though, as the boss, was the drama, which ususally consisted of heated decisions and arguements against family members. I wasn't cut out for that. So I decided to go it alone. I'd rather keep the peace than battle it out.)

So now here I am on my first real job in my field of specialization. I am a graphic artist in the creative department of the company. I have very nice bosses. But As much as I want all things to go as smoothly as possible I can't help but feel screwed at times. I've never conformed to any sort of ogranization were the structure included a boss. The closest I had were professors. But then I pay tuition and I can just opt not to abide by them when I feel like it. This time however is different. I have to prove myself and work my ass off if I want to be on top of my career and I am feeling it, not just assuming it. I guess it's time to do a little growing up and be a man for myself if I want to be the golden boy. But how could I? To begin with I am not insipired by my compensation.

I am challenging myself to live within my means. My sallary will be my standard. I wonder how that would go for me. My knack for fine cuisine cost so much alone. Then I have my postpaid bills, gym and credit card bill...I maxed out my credit card again...damn it...well my parents are there to pay for it. But I don't feel good about it. I need to train myself to budget. Especially now that am offcially working. Suddenly I just have this big bag of reposibilities on my shoulders.

I hate that I've been purchasing lots of clothes lately. I've slightly become an impulsive buyer. I don't know why? I guess I have to bid farewell to being a brand whore. They are just too pricey for todays average Filipino sallary rates.


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